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Yesterday marked the peak of phase II of the conjunction of Pluto to Mars, and what fun it was! I feel like a volcano is erupting in my soul. It’s pretty exciting, really, because when these planets pass through our energy fields they create permanent change within us. I can feel Pluto working to deepen my own inner ability to control my own destiny and access the true seat of my power.

Yesterday in a reading the subject of Mars came up. This particular client has Mars in Sagittarius, which does not care for anger at all. Mars in Sagittarius wants to leave the scene of the angry situation and head off for a more entertaining adventure. But what really is anger, and how does it come about?

When we think about anger as being rooted in Mars energy, we see that anger is just one way for this energy to be expressed. Anger usually comes about when the other potentialities of Mars are hindered in some way. Mars seeks to set boundaries and establish good defenses, and it is usually when those defenses are violated that we find ourselves feeling angry. When we submerge or mute that angry response in some way, the energy of Mars lingers and is transmuted into rage, which can lead to a host of physical ailments such as headaches, intestinal disorders, etc.

The best way to tackle the issue of anger and its sister rage is at its root in the primordial nature of Mars. Establishing good boundaries, saying “no” where necessary, standing up for yourself (even if you convince yourself it’s not important) – all of these things are important to nourish a healthy Mars. Take a look at your own chart and see what sign Mars is in, and what aspects Mars makes to other planets. Then follow these tips:

Mars in Aries – The purest form of Mars needs to be expressed assertively and independently. If Chiron, Saturn or Pluto aspect an Aries Mars this may be more difficult but then it is even more important!

Mars in Taurus – Slow burning and dislikes conflict, but when pushed to the limit will erupt in great power. Mars in Taurus often requires a physical expression of Mars (such as physical exercise or martial arts), especially when afflicted by a stressful aspect to another planet.

Mars in Gemini – Very important to permit verbal expression of one’s needs. If disempowered, this can degenerate into argument rather than expression of needs.

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