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I can’t believe it’s nearly January 1st, but so it is and the January Skywatch is posted here. Here’s an introduction:

For quite a while now, the planetary placements have shown a lack of the earth element but as we enter January the shortage is now in the element of water with a predominance of earth. Water is the element of emotions – the presence of water in the astrological weather map provides a smooth conduit for the emotional realms to be expressed. Water seeks emotional connection and spiritual transcendence, and our experience tends to be dry without it. During the first few days of January we find a Grand Trine in the earth element, with Jupiter in Capricorn trine Saturn in Virgo and Ceres in Taurus. This provides a great deal of stability and a pragmatic approach to the issues of the day.

Late on January 1 Mars, traveling retrograde back through Cancer, re-enters Gemini where it prepares to oppose Pluto on January 2. This is the second phase of an opposition cycle that began in September 2007 and will conclude in March 2008. You can read more about that cycle here. The opposition of Mars to Pluto is a powerful clash of the individual ego (Mars) with the ultimate power structures (Pluto) and served to exacerbate simmering conflicts all over the world last year. Although the dynamic is exact on the 2nd, because Mars is moving so slowly now the influence of the opposition continues throughout the month of January. Watch for tension and anger, as well as literal fires that erupt when the energy spills into manifestation.

Venus rules the skies from the 6th through the 16th or so as it passes through a series of planetary interactions that bring beauty and sensitivity to many of our dealings with others. The Venus influence begins on January 6 when Venus (love and beauty) makes a square to Saturn (restriction and isolation), making the days between the 5th and the 7th difficult for relationships of any kind. This is usually not a great time for the stock market or investments since Venus is also associated with our possessions and wealth.

A trine from Jupiter to Saturn (exact on the 21st) is in effect for much of the month beginning around the 8th and continuing through the end of January. Jupiter is expansive and optimistic where Saturn can be repressive in its focus on discipline, but when these two are in harmony, such as in the trine aspect, they are tremendous aids for successful ventures.

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