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Hello dear readers – I am back from my journey. This is the longest I’ve gone without blogging in two years! But I see that Dharmaruci and Neith have provided you with great articles while I’ve been gone and I can’t wait to read them.

I’m working on a post about the young man who went on a shooting spree at a shopping mall in Omaha – he had a tight trine from Chiron (wounding and healing) to Mars which was aspected right now by the Jupiter/Pluto Sagittarius conjunction along with a taste of the upcoming Pluto entry into Capricorn.

Speaking of which – I promise I will finish the Pluto in Cap article over the next few days. But meanwhile, please note that we are currently in a heavily Sagittarian period with five planets in Sag including the Jupiter/Pluto conjunction which is exact tomorrow. This dynamic brings an intensification of the relentless optimism that has driven financial markets and created a thirst for happy talk that we’ve been seeing in American politics. Once we turn the Capricornian corner there is likely to be a new taste for realism and perhaps a rude shock for those who take the Sagittarian buoyancy too much for granted. Doors are opening now, but it’s up to us to walk through them!

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