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All about the Jupiter Pluto conjunction

When you combine the Cosmic Santa Clause with the Lord of the Underworld (© Robert Wilkinson) all kinds of things can happen. You can get a phenomenal (Pluto) understanding of the Universe (Jupiter). You can also get a gigantic (Jupiter) kick in the pants towards your cosmic destiny (Pluto). Here is a collection of wisdom from astrologers around the web:

Bill Street: As the Saturn-Neptune configuration lessens in quality as the year progresses, a potent conjunction takes place that has an almost diametrically opposite manifestation than the Saturn-Neptune opposition. If the Saturn-Neptune opposition is characterized by an anemic, ascetic and world weary urge for transcendence, a spiritual longing for a heaven or hereafter that is more ideal than this world, then the Jupiter-Pluto configuration is nearly antithetical in quality and tone. Jupiter coupled with Pluto represents life force in triumphant, haughty swagger. The Jupiter-Pluto pairing is Nietzsche’s “Will to Power” dressed in royal regalia and regal splendor. With Jupiter and Pluto in pairing, the king of the Gods meets the king of the Underworld, and the results are quite striking.

With this planetary pairing, Jupiter tends to exaggerate, inflate, expand, and liberate the evolutionary life force associated with Pluto. Conversely, Pluto’s immense power tends to “hypercathect” Jupiter’s tendency towards social elevation, success, and aristocratic resplendence. At its best, Jupiter and Pluto together can manifest as truly magnificent displays of grandeur, majesty, and imposing splendor – art that overpowers, authority that commands, individuals and organizations that triumph and succeed. At its worst, the combination can easily degrade into grandiosity and pomposity, or an arrogance that reeks from an overwrought decadence.


In the closing months of 2007, phenomena congruent with the Jupiter-Pluto archetypal matrix will manifest. This is a “bigger is better” combination in all respects. In art and culture, Jupiter-Pluto alignments tend to correlate with “events” – spectaculars, fanfares, and enormously large-scale events that tend to overpower the senses and sensibilities. In politics, the Jupiter-Pluto aspect is arguably the aspect for displays of political might and power.

The danger with Jupiter-Pluto aspects as they relate to politics is that they tend to correlate with either stunning successes, or conversely, extreme downfalls. In business and economics, the Jupiter-Pluto aspect is a titan’s aspect, a captains of industry aspect, and it can correlate with extreme business deals and mega-mergers – anything excessively large and excessively expensive can be an expression of this aspect.


Ralfee Finn: As Jupiter conjuncts Pluto in the last degrees of Sagittarius, these karmic red threads of fear, fundamentalism and existential anxiety dominate daily life. So it’s not quite a merry Christmas. A thoughtful one, perhaps, but certainly not “holiday-lite.” Of course, other astrological configurations color the days of December this way or that-but nothing is more important than the Jupiter/Pluto conjunction and how you respond to its effect. Nothing. How each of us processes through the end of this cycle determines how we go into the next Pluto cycle-Pluto in Capricorn, which will reveal the structure of things, and during that cycle what is built on wishful thinking will fall apart with a whispered breath.


I have focused on Pluto’s shadow because this is not the time for a spiritual bypass or Pollyanna spin. We are being tempered by Divine Fire, and it would be wise to show up committed to a clear view of what needs to heal.

Each of us has the potential to be an agent of change, and as Gandhi said, each of us must be the change we wish to see in the world. If we want peace, we must be peaceful. If we want love, we must love. We must embody our principles. That is the secret meaning of the Sagittarian Archer.

Integration is how we unite heaven and earth. It is one way we weave our personal and collective red threads into a pattern of diversity and acceptance, each of us actively transforming ignorance and fear into wisdom and love through our bodies, minds, hearts and souls. Goodwill toward all sentient beings is not just an idea, but also a reality.


Wendy Guy: These planets, of course, represent parts of yourself. Jupiter is the part of you that seeks to find truth, meaning, significance and understanding about life and your experience of the Universe. Pluto is how you experience and work with power, control and bedrock-level change (transformation).

Jupiter and Pluto together can inspire you to put your heart and soul into something you passionately believe in. But belief and passion are tricky things. When you believe in something, it means you believe it’s right, it’s The Truth, it’s The Answer to your questions, it’s the hope that washes away your doubts. That’s Jupiter.


When you add in Pluto, that belief and faith can become passion that transforms your faith in life and the Universe—or it could become obsession, arrogance and relentless persistence to ensure that everyone else believes and sees things the same as you.

When you’re set on fire by Jupiter-Pluto passion, it can sometimes be hard to tell the difference. There can be a fine line between finding your own passion and power versus inflicting it on others. The key is self-honesty and remembering that The Answer is a bit different for each of us. The Answer is even different for you at different times of your life, as you grow and evolve and become open to the many different facets of life.

  • Neith

    Great compilation, Lynn. As with just about every other astrologer on the planet, this pairing has been/is on my mind and it’s great to have a good selection of opinions in one place . . .

    We are in the midst of a major period of transition and I’m starting to really appreciate the fact Mars is retrograde & Saturn is slowing down to station Rx because I, for one, have a LOT to process before choosing where to focus my energies next

  • Anonymous

    Did you see or hear about the Led Zeppelin reunion concert on the 10th? This strikes me as a paradigmatic event of this conjunction. I watched some clips and saw the whole thing right there. The massive grandiose intensification was successfully communicated

  • Anonymous

    Another bit about the Led Zep concert: it was originally scheduled for late November but Page hurt his finger. The concert was rescheduled to nearly coincide with the conjunction. Sometimes I just overwhelmed at the stunning choreography of the planetary dance and how these things line up

  • Lynn

    Led Zeppelin is such a massive cultural icon (Jupiter), and very interesting timing as you say

  • Lynn

    Thanks Neith! I read through a bunch of stuff and picked the best. It’s hard to pin this down, but I’m thinking the CIA debacle also has something to do with Jupiter/Pluto and the arrogance (Jupiter) of power (Pluto)

  • cynthia parker

    Hi Lynn
    Great to hear about your cruise holiday and glad you’re back.Recently,
    I have been holding in mind the last 2 years of Pluto’s 12 year sojourn through Scorpio (1994/1995).There was so much letting go. Jupiter added to this in 1994 with its own passage through Scorpio and conjunction to Pluto. That was a massive ending/beginning time for me (being Sun, Venus, Merc, Scorpio in 9th house). I feel as if I have had a second chance at life – to do the 9th house/Sagittarian stuff again with Pluto’s 12 year journey through my 10th house. Now with Jupiter culminating there’s again a feeling of review/assessment/ what has actually been worked through and transformed and what next, where to now. I have been thinking that I am slightly out of syn and behind the eight ball house behind the natural chart, doing scorpio “letting go” in 9th house philosphy/religion/o’seas travel and now I am doing all that higher knowledge stuff in my career/outer public face/ parental 10th house. Would that be why I am teaching in a Catholic school? This gives me food for thought for Pluto in Capricorn in 11th house, doing career/parent stuff within groups of friends and ideas.(I don’t have a really good understanding of 11th house). I am beginning to ramble but am glad that there is still one more tail end year of Pluto in Sag to find my bearings and make the transition into Capricorn. Huge shifts for me need slow bodily integration. Maybe I am paying attention to my Taurus shadow

  • Mikah

    My progressed Moon is entering my ascendant & first house in Libra exactly during this Jupiter/Pluto conjunction!
    Jupiter/Pluto-conjunction is also in trine with my natal Venus/Saturn-conjunction in 10th house/Leo. What does this means? Intense stuff?

  • Lynn

    Hi Cynthia – thanks for sharing this. I have a lot of Scorpio in my chart, and as a Libra my Sun progressed into Scorpio when I was about 10. That was the year I had a traumatic experience that colored my entire life until my Sun progressed into Sagittarius in 1993. This was the year of the Uranus/Neptune conjunction, and there was a tremendous creative opening for me. So I really resonate with what you say here about that sense of leaving the past behind and moving into the next phase

  • Lynn

    Hi Mikah – It’s hard to make a snap judgement without looking at the rest of your chart, but when the progressed Moon crosses the Ascendant it’s often a time where the needs of your heart (P Moon) and your life patterns (asc) line up and begin working together. This affects relationships of course (asc/desc) because anything that affects how see ourselves affects our relationships with others as well. I would think that Jupiter/Pluto trine Venus/Saturn in the 10th would be excellent for career matters and help you to unlock some of the shyness of the Venus/Saturn conjunction

  • Mikah

    Ah, thanks for the mini-interpretation of these aspects.
    Both my career and my heart-matters has been in a state of catastrophe the last 4 years. I’ve had my first Saturn Return and my first Progressed Lunar Return this year, and now this Progressed Moon conjunct Ascendant + transiting Jupiter/Pluto-conjunction trine natal Venus/Saturn-conjunction. I feel I’m reinventing my entire life.

  • Jack

    The conjunction of Jupiter and Pluto on Dec 11 happened over my Part of Fortune at 28deg in my 11th house Sagittarius. I also have natal Saturn at 23 deg in Sagi. I wonder how this is to be intepreted? I am Aquarian, with Capricorn rising

  • Lynn

    Mikah, reinvention is difficult but when we look back it can be a fantastic experience. Hopefully this will be true for you

  • Lynn

    Jack – the Part of Fortune is a mathematical significator in the chart rather than an actual function of our personality makeup so transits to this point function differently than if it were an actual planet in your chart. It’s hard to make a judgement without looking at the rest of your chart, but if you have Saturn conjunct the PF you have to work harder than most people in order to achieve your goals. Jupiter conjunct that combination would open up the doors and facilitate that process, and Pluto would ensure that whatever happened was for the good of your soul’s evolution.

    How about that for significance?

  • Scarlett

    Can anyone tell me about the progressed moon conjunct natalo pluto in the seventh

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