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Spiritual Aspirations, by Willow Arlenea

The New Moon in Scorpio occurred last night in Scorpio (November 9, 7:03 pm EST) . In Scorpio we delve into the underworld of our emotions and face the raw reality of life and death. Transformation is the key here: digging up the dead and dying debris of our psychological history in order to make room for something new to be reborn.

The New Moon was at 17 degrees Scorpio, very near the midpoint of the sign of Scorpio. The midpoint of the fixed signs are considered powerful times of transformation; the ancient Celts called these astrological points “Gates of Power.” Where the cardinal points of the Solstices and Equinoxes are gateways into new seasons, in the fixed signs we have a concentration of strength and focused intention (and yes, stubbornness!) that offers an opportunity for powerful new beginnings and change.

Scorpio is a water sign and it is therefore of the feminine/receptive (yin) polarity, but there is a fiery quality to Scorpio and its passionate nature – the Wild Feminine. The Wild Feminine cannot be tamed; her unbridled sexuality is the reflection of her ability to create life. She is connected to her true nature and to the Earth as well. This is the essence of the Scorpio experience.

In which house of your chart does this New Moon Fall? This will give you a clue as to where you will find the opportunity for a new chance to become connected to the wild archetype within your self. Whether you are male or female, the Wild Feminine brings us deep within ourselves and our emotions whereas the Wild Man archetype is more of an external experience that has to do with living a life that is outside of the cultural mainstream.

Intensifying the New Moon experience, which typically lasts about three days from the exact lunation (lunar aspect), is a square from the New Moon to Neptune which opens the doors of perception and spirit and inspires our creativity. However, there is a danger here in losing our grounding and our center, especially with the New Moon also in opposition to Ceres which creates tension between the two poles of nurturing (Moon and Ceres). Ceres is more connected to nurturing the soul in physical form, whereas the Moon rules over emotional security. Food-related issues may be of interest during this time, or matters of the family.

The intensity of our experience will continue when Mercury enters Scorpio on November 11. There is a tendency here to be somewhat obsessive and a bit compulsive, but the power of Scorpio focuses the intention and enables us to manifest our thoughts more easily. Be careful what you think! Magic is afoot…

“In order to converse with the wild feminine, a woman must temporarily leave the world and inhabit a state of aloneness in the oldest sense of the word. Long ago the word alone was treated as two words, all one. To be all one meant to be wholly one, to be in oneness, either essentially or temporarily. That is precisely the goal of solitude- to be all one. It is the cure for the frazzled state so common to modern women..Going home is sanity…It takes out weakness by the pounding. It removes whininess, enables acute insight, heightens intuition, grants the power of keen observation, and perspective”

–Clarissa Pinkola Estes

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