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The Moon will be full in Gemini tomorrow morning at 10:41 am EST. At the Full Moon the lunar principle gains more power, and the instinctive unconscious is more available to us. The Gemini Full Moon brings a facility for language and communication, and learns through a variety of experiences. Because the Sun in Sagittarius is opposite the Moon in Gemini, there is a tension now between these two polarities. There are two faces to Gemini: the light side and the dark, and there is a thirst for learning as much as possible about both. For Sagittarius, however, there is just one way, and the journey is to find that one way.

This is a time for study, for philosophy, perhaps for travel and adventure! The lunation forms a tight Grand Cross to the lunar nodes which reveals a sense of destiny in this event. Decisions made and adventures taken at this time could play a role in the unfolding of our ultimate experience. The approaching trine of Venus to Neptune (exact on the 26th) adds creativity and romance, and an ability to delve beneath the surface of the mundane details of the material world to find beauty and mystery beneath. Music, writing, painting – all are favored during the week of this Full Moon!

Saturn is widely square to the lunation, adding a need for boundaries and limitations to confine our thirst for adventure to that which is practical and realistic. But with Jupiter within days of a conjunction to Pluto, and both in Sagittarius, the urge for expansion appears limitless. The addition of Saturn provides a place from which to manifest the creative vision that springs from Jupiter’s sense of possibility. Pluto acts here either as an ally, if we are working WITH the gods, or as a destroyer, if we work against the flow. Although this aspect won’t be exact until December 11, for the next two weeks the planets are within 3 degrees and working closely together.

In the waning stages this week is a Grand Trine in Water between Mars in Cancer, Mercury in Scorpio and Uranus in Pisces. There is a flow to things now that we haven’t seen for some time, and in water there tends to be an extra degree of sensitivity and compassion. We are experiencing an astrological lull now in the general planetary atmosphere, but individuals are always experiencing planetary dynamics of their own that are creating change on an individual level.

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