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Yesterday was tremendously busy and I missed the opportunity to write on yesterday’s New Moon (which took place on Wednesday on the US west coast). We are still within the range of its effects and there are other interesting planetary discussions going on as well.

The New Moon was at 17 degrees Libra, the sign of balance and relationships. Libra is concerned with polarities and partnerships – the question of “I” and the “Other”. Libra seeks harmony and beauty above all things, and New Moons are times of beginnings making this is an excellent time to begin a new creative endeavor such as an art project or perhaps the redecoration of your home. This is also a good time to foster new relationships and friendships.

Saturn is conjunct the South Node now, suggesting that we are limited (Saturn) by ties to past behaviors and patterns that hold us back (South Node). The timing of this event at the New Moon offers an opportunity to correct mistakes of the past and truly forge a new direction.

This new direction is facilitated by a sextile from Jupiter to the New Moon which brings in a sense of abundance and opportunity, and it trines Neptune which expands our creativity and connection to Spirit. A quincunx (150 degrees) to Uranus adds a quirky quality and a bit of tension that keeps us from surrendering completely into connection to others. Still, this will help us to maintain perspective as we learn new ways of relating to others.

Mercury turns retrograde in the early morning hours of October 12. While Mercury is retrograde (until November 1) you may find that communication is more difficult, appointments are missed and machinery malfunctions. Contracts signed during Mercury Retrograde periods often result in miscommunication that extends beyond the retrograde phase so exercise as much caution as possible to be sure all agreements are clearly understood and in writing.

On the 13th Venus joins the conjunction of Saturn to the South Node. Astrologers have been very vocal in their differing interpretation of this event depending on how they view the planet Saturn. Saturn is a very bad guy in traditional astrology because of his penchant for tests and karmic challenges, but a more modern approach recognizes that Saturn also offers rewards and a deep inner strength when we meet those challenges. During the Saturn/South Node event, which is in effect for the entire week before the New Moon, we may find that holding onto the past no longer serves us and could bring us painful lessons.

The introduction of Venus into the conjunction, especially at the time of the Libra New Moon, indicates that these lessons are likely to be in the realm of relationships. Be consciously aware of patterns that are holding you back, and work with great diligence to make changes, and you will see Saturn’s rewards when Venus makes a sextile to Mars on the 15th and is sextiled by Mercury on the 16th. These are lovely aspects to the goddess Venus that don’t last long but bring harmony into our interactions with others. The addition of a trine of Mercury to Mars on the 16th makes communication easier and gives us more energy (Mars) to move through new experiences (Mercury) and process change.

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