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Even now the Moon is looking big and beautiful in anticipation of the upcoming Full Moon at perigee (closest to earth) which brings about a Supermoon (® Richard Nolle).

This upcoming lunation is not only big, it’s a powerhouse of lunar aspects. The Full Moon takes place on October 26 at 0:52 am Eastern time and at 2 degrees Taurus (with the Sun in Scorpio). The Full Moon, when the Sun and Moon are in opposition, is a powerful time of light that bears the potential to open our consciousness. This Full Moon forms a Mystic Rectangle to the North and South Nodes of the Moon, representing our evolutionary direction from past (South) to future (North). We are in alignment now to achieve something very important in our personal destiny and destiny as humans, and the addition of Saturn in sextile to the Sun and trine the Moon helps to ground the process into physical form.

On a personal level this is a time to set your intention very clearly so that the universe can assist in manifestation. On a global level we are being realigned as a species as this Full Moon occurs virtually at the very minute that Pluto makes its conjunction to the Galactic Center). The conjunction of Pluto to the Galactic Center (center of our Milky Way galaxy) is not one big event that we will easily identify, but a core shift in the direction of the planet. (For more information on this event and a historical analysis see my earlier article). The timing of this galactic event coinciding with the Full Moon is a powerful symbol that further emphasizes the importance of this full moon.

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