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June begins on the heels of a powerful Full Moon with a strong Jupiter influence that is helping to counteract the potential for bitterness of the opposition between Saturn’s need for a structured reality versus Neptune’s need for mystery and flexibility. The Saturn/Neptune opposition has been one of the strongest planetary influences since last summer, destabilizing, rebalancing and integrating the line between our dreams and illusions (Neptune) and the pressure to live a practical life with rules and boundaries (Saturn).

Three major planets plus Chiron are now in retrograde motion, and as they appear to move backwards from our perspective, our attention is drawn back to the past as we find issues that we thought were resolved erupt once again so that we can find a resolution that more perfectly fits us. The retrograde planets are Saturn, Pluto, Jupiter and Neptune. Neptune will still be retrograde as it faces off with Saturn for one final time later in June, suggesting that there will be no clear resolution at that time as often occurs once the planetary cycle has completed. With Neptune transits, particularly the more difficult ones, the facts are often obscured and we must travel a more instinctive path. Objectivity is difficult when Neptune is retrograde; instead we must rely on our intuition and our sense of a deeper reality.

For the first few days in June, Mars, Jupiter and Chiron are in harmonious aspect to each other as Jupiter makes a sextile to Chiron on the 3rd followed by the introduction of Mars which also sextiles Chiron and forms a trine to Jupiter. This is an energetic combination with a fire trine (Mars/Jupiter) and fire/air sextiles that offer a tremendous amount of intellectual power and raw physical vitality. This is a great time for sports, for dance, for any activity that requires physical energy and fun. These aspects culminate on the 3rd and 4th of June but their effect will be felt for a few days afterwards.

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