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John’s newly redone and fabulous Matrix site has been the site of several interesting celebrity and political profiles lately. Here’s what John says about Nicole Kidman:

For a light, last-degree Gemini Sun with a merry, optimistic Sagittarius Moon, there’s a dark side to Nicole Kidman that her intensely cloaking Scorpio Ascendant hides even under its fairly obvious shadow. Perhaps that’s because her chart is a bucket-pattern with aggressively cutting Saturn in Aries as the handle. She may smile and smile, but she can cut it off at the root if you make the wrong move — but only if she chooses to. Remember that and be thankful, Tom Cruise. It was the kids that saved you — she didn’t want them to be orphans. Further, that Saturn is part of a grand trine with Jupiter and Venus at her MC (explosive popularity) and her Moon, so she’s both inspirational and extraordinarily stable about it, and that’s the key to her success. With Scorpio rising, she’s also very good at playing her cards close to her chest, and her ability to play her hand with care and reserve has made her the highest-paid female star in film.

Her rise to cinematic fame was triggered by a Jupiter return transiting that MC (career) followed by progressed Moon crossing her Ascendant (coming out) that were marked first by Days of Thunder and then Far and Away, both with Tom Cruise, in a partnership that would not live out that Jupiter cycle. But it was transiting Jupiter to her Ascendant (that’s when you look like the very latest thing) that got her a Golden Globe a few years later for To Die For. The repeat of the Jupiter transit last year didn’t repeat the glory, however, as transiting Saturn had moved to her MC and damped some of the beneficial

You can read more about Ms. Kidman’s relationship with Keith Urban in my earlier article here.

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