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Leslie adds a karmic viewpoint to the fate of Alberto Gonzales:

From a karmic standpoint, Gonzales was born with Saturn in Scorpio, indicating a lesson in the right use of power. He also has a stellium in Leo, the sign of leadership and pride. Saturn is squaring his Leo Sun, Mars, Mercury and Jupiter, which tells me that, in a past incarnation, Gonzales’ karma was complicated by an overblown ego and a tendency to stretch the truth in order to gain and maintain power. The exact conjunction of his Sun and Jupiter may have been especially problematical in terms of an exaggerated sense of self.

When we look at the Attorney General’s index or Jupiter finger, we see that the top phalange is grossly oversized. It is so top-heavy that it appears to be keeling over from the weight. Jupiter is the finger of ambition and the upper phalange is the realm of big dreams. Gonzales’ finger shows that his dreams are not only grandiose, they are compromised by the inability to be upright in their expression. When I see a Jupiter finger like this one, it suggests to me that the owner may be suffering from delusions of grandeur.

She then links to Nancy’s take on Gonzales as well as my earlier article.

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