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For some reason, Google has decided that my regular website,, may be harmful to your computer. I’m a big Googler, but I first noticed this “feature” a few days ago when I was trying to get into Richard Jeni’s website to see why he killed himself. (Unfortunately, there’s no definitive birthdate for him so I wasn’t able to do a profile.)

Anyway, for some reason Google has decided that my site has “malware” which it defines as software that my site will install on your computer without your permission. I have no idea why Google has targeted my site, as I have no executable files or any kind of software, or even links to bad sites.

If anyone is knowledgeable about this and would be willing to take a look at my files and see what could be causing the problem, I would be deeply grateful! I have applied for a review, but who knows how long that will take. Meanwhile I wanted to assure you that you can browse my site with confidence and peace of mind.

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