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From the March Skywatch, here’s my take on the Full Moon eclipse on March 3. The Full Moon on March 3 (at 6:21 pm est) is a lunar eclipse at 13 degrees Virgo. In a typical year there are typically […]

photo from The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell over 416 points yesterday, a 3% drop that is said to be the worst since the day the markets opened after September 11. The drop came in reaction to a massive […]

A battle on the internet over religion seeks to “dump religion from our culture,” says the individual who started the Blasphemy Challenge on YouTube. “We want to get rid of this supernatural belief in the same way that it would […]

Our dear friend Elsa, tireless supporter of astrobloggers, has resuscitated the news feed under the Top Ten Sources site. Working day and night through the mists of Mercury retrograde, it is now finally up and running and my feed is […]

Mercury has been traveling through Pisces for the past few weeks, but as it retrogrades it is now moving back into Aquarius. The passing of retrograde Mercury back through a sign it has completed tends to bring back issues of […]

This story falls under lots of categories: Saturn opposing Neptune and destroying the illusion; Pluto in Sagittarius and turning our established theology and religions upside down, and possibly even the end of the Age of Pisces. When Pluto entered Sagittarius, […]

Thanks to Universe Today for this fantastic photo of Supernova 1987A (click photo to enlarge). It’s hard to say whether supernovas contain any astrological symbolism that we can use, but there’s no doubt about the gamma ray energy that is […]

photo from Cesar Millan’s Dog Psychology Center.I’m a little behind on my tv viewing, and last night I watched part of a Dog Whisperer episode that I missed about Howie, the (adorable) rescue dog that lived at an animal hospital […]

I’ll be adding my point of view on the upcoming March eclipse series as we get closer to the event, but meanwhile Jeffrey has written a great article on the subject: Anticipation of eclipses tends to bring out a “sky […]

Hillary Clinton’s campaign is sniping at former supporters who are flirting with the idea of supporting Barack Obama. Says Arianna Huffington at a campaign event for Obama this week, “It’s like being married, and suddenly you fall in love. You’re […]