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…is becoming more difficult as Saturn moves into alignment to the second phase of its opposition from Neptune, and the deceptions (Neptune) of the Bush/Cheney White House (Saturn) are becoming more and more apparent. Scientists testifying before a US Congressional […]

I found this very interesting, perhaps you will too: It is the hermetic idea of the macrocosm, the universe, being reflected in man as the microcosm that helped to integrate astrological symbology in Christian and Islamic civilisation. This substantiated the […]

I just noticed Jude (of Stars Over Washington fame) has a few new art blogs. I particularly like this one with its dreamy art (perfect for my SunNeptune conjunction in Libra). Some of the art connects with astrology which gives […]

I really like this article by Suzanne White which says, among other things: Astrology is not superstition. Not even close. Astrology is a language. It exists. Like Estonian or French. It just plain exists. Like hard boiled eggs or chutney. […]

As you know if you’ve been reading this and other astrology columns over the past six months or so, we are in the middle of a major planetary cycle involving an opposition between Saturn, and its desire to create societal […]

Jeffrey was the first astrologer to link to my blog, and I naturally have a soft spot in my heart for him. With his first house Pluto he is often reluctant to participate in the memes that reveal bloggery secrets, […]

This seems to echo both of the major planetary cycles going on right now: the square of Jupiter (overconfidence) to Uranus (technology and innovation) and the opposition between Saturn (government structure) and Neptune (mystery and deception): Iran has converted one […]

I just stumbled upon another astrology blog, this one from Neil Paris in the UK. He has a great post on possible manifestations of the Jupiter/Uranus square that we are experiencing this year: Religious exile – people abandon their previous […]

Venus Verticordia*, by Dante Gabriel Rossetti Mercury is nearing a conjunction with Neptune that will be exact on Friday but will remain in effect for the next few days. Mercury represents the thought function, communication and the manner in which […]

In browsing around for interesting astrology news I came across this in a forum on relationships: I happen to analyse my horoscope.One astrologer told my marriage life is going to be full of problems and difficulties. I will go to […]