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The current cycle of Jupiter transits throughout the year are creating opportunities and expanding awareness, but as we have seen with the Jupiter/Saturn cycle, the danger with Jupiter is that like a balloon that becomes too full of air, our confidence could pop and the air could drain out of the lives we have built. The confidence of Jupiter creates debt, it expands the housing and stock market, it can create an illusion that things are better than they actually are. On the other hand, Jupiter opens us to fresh possibilities that we haven’t before noticed.

We are experiencing simultaneously the trine of Uranus and Jupiter, which opens our awareness (Jupiter) to new ways of thinking (Uranus) and creativity of which we were previously unaware. However, the square of Jupiter to Neptune brings in the possibility of deception (Neptune) and an overblown sense of our own abilities (Jupiter).

Each of these planetary cycles is a powerful combination that is working to transform our own sense of our world view (Jupiter). The key to successfully managing these planetary cycles is to stay open (Jupiter) to new possibilities, be prepared to radically change your thinking (Uranus), keep you feet planted firmly on the ground and work hard (Saturn), while following the call of your inner self to realize that there is more to life than this mundane reality (Neptune).

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