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We are still experiencing the remnants of the dynamic between Saturn, Jupiter and Chiron (see other articles in this column for more details). The dance between these three planets has forced confrontations that have remained dormant, and when Mars (aggression and warfare) opposed Neptune (confusion) in early July violence erupted in multiple arenas around the world. The tension between the fighting instinct of Mars with the tendency towards illusion of the Neptune opposition creates an atmosphere of confusion around the battlefield. Who are the enemies? What are the goals? No one has claimed responsibility for the bombings in India. In Iraq, no one knows who is friend and who is foe. The Mars/Neptune dynamic is still in effect for the next week or so, although its influence is lessening and Mars is now in a trine with Pluto which should help to clarify the issues and focus the lens of the swirl of intensity and violence that we’ve been seeing.

Venus opposes Pluto now for a few days, intensifying (Pluto) relations (Venus) between people and bringing out suspicion and jealousy. However, the harmonious aspects of Venus to Neptune and to Mars may help to forge new bonds and alliances.

This poem by Sri Aurobindo offers inspiration to remember that we are in a cycle of life that ultimately seeks healing and wholeness.

There is a Wisdom like a brooding Sun,
A Bliss in the heart’s crypt grown fiery white,
The heart of a world in which all hearts are one,
A Silence on the mountains of delight.

A Calm that cradles Fate upon its knees;
A wide Compassion leans to embrace earth’s pain;
A Witness dwells within our secrecies,
The incarnate Godhead in the body of man.

Our mind is a glimmering curtain of that Ray,
Our strength a parody of the Immortal’s power,
Our joy a dreamer on the Eternal’s way
Hunting the fugitive beauty of an hour.

Only on the heart’s veiled door the word of flame
Is written, the secret and tremendous Name.


Sri Aurobindo

Artwork by Daniel B. Holeman

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