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Pluto in astrological symbolism represents the god of the Underworld – it shows where we may be compulsive in our natures as we delve into the underworld of consciousness to emerge into light as transformed beings. It also represents the process of death and dying as well as resurrection, it shows where we will experience endings and beginnings. In transformational astrology for individuals, it represents the will of the higher self that continually directs us on the path that is for our highest good, and keeps us from experiences that no longer serve us.

Since Pluto entered Sagittarius in 1995, we have been witness to revelations of many secrets (Pluto) that have turned religious communities upside down (Sag), as well as death and destrution (Pluto) in the name of religion (Sag). Sagittarius rules religious ideology, the law, philosophy and man’s search for meaning in life, as well as long distance travel, higher learning, and interest in other cultures. Pluto in Sagittarius has heightened the power of globalization as well as revealed its inherent dangers (because with Pluto we face death, we often find fear and danger there as well). In addition, under Pluto in Sagittarius we have seen an increase in power of religious groups and the fusing of church and state.

We are currently seeing the heightening of an ideological (Sag) war (Pluto) across the globe as a result of the combination of Pluto with Sagittarius, and religions (Sagittarius) are under tremendous scrutiny and requirements of faith (Sagittarius) are being challenged by the revelation of suppressed secrets (Pluto). Although the prosecution of priests for sexual abuse began while Pluto was in Scorpio in the 1980s (Pluto in Scorpio revealed secrets (Pluto) of sexual abuse (Scorpio) and created a global fever surrounding that issue), the real damage to the Church (Sagittarius) didn’t occur until after Pluto’s entry into Sagittarius in 1995 when a flurry of cases against priests were prosecuted in the court system.

The power (Pluto) of religious sects (Sag) across the globe are currently being challenged under Pluto in Sagittarius, paving the way for their possible destruction when Pluto enters Capricorn (the sign of social structures and government) in 2008. The Christian religions, which have manifested the most power over the last 2000 years, are being threatened by the eruption of suppressed information such as the idea that Mary Magdalene may have actually been an apostle and not a whore, thanks to the Da Vinci Code which brought into the public consciousness ideas that had been circulating underground for years. (read the book Holy Blood, Holy Grail by Baigent and Leigh).

Most comes the publication after a long verification process of the Gospel of Judas which claims that Judas was actually Jesus’s most faithful apostle rather than the deceiver as claimed for the past 2000 years. Evidently there were over 30 gospels at the end of the 1st century b.c.e., but Iranaeus, bishop of Lyons, decided that there should be only four. The rest were banned, including gospels of other apostles such as Thomas and Mary, and these decisions were codified by the Council of Nicea in 325 which solidified the Church’s official dogma. The banned gospels included such information as the fact that Jesus had brothers, which was very inconvenient in light of the Virgin Birth theory, and the idea that Mary was Jesus’s constant companion which is mentioned in several of the banned works.

The recently released Gospel of Judas claims that Judas was actually the most loyal follower of Jesus, and “betrayed” him as part of a greater plan of Jesus to “sacrifice the man that clothes [him].” This idea has been bounced around for many years; it is integral to the story of the Passover Plot, a fascinating tale that shows the crucifixion and resurrection as a carefully thought-out plan crafted to coincide with biblical prophecy. If nothing else, these revelations force us to question our blind faith and determine for ourselves what the truth really is.

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