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Cheney’s technique for dealing with the press is “never explain, never apologize” but the press is calling on Cheney to come clean about his shooting of his hunting partner over the weekend. This embarrasing episode comes on the heels of his potentially being named by ex-aide Scooter Libby as the instigator for the outing of CIA operative Valerie Plame.

Cheney is such a fascinating character (see the earlier profile in this column) – filled with potential to be a powerful voice of good, his greed and lust for power has twisted him into a caricature, an archetype of evil in our time. He has also been riddled with heart disease, suffering his first heart attack at the age of 36.

Cheney’s latest troubles coincide with Sunday’s Full Moon (we typically find the effects of the Full Moon beginning around 3 days before the actual lunation event, and extending about three days beyond it). The Full Moon occurs when the solar conscious principle opposes the lunar instinctive principle, resulting in a release of a tremendous amount of energy. This Full Moon (meaning the both the Sun and Moon) exactly squared (90 degrees) Uranus in Cheney’s chart, thus precipitating for him a sudden (Uranus) change of events.

The Saturn/Chiron opposition discussed in recent articles (see below) is having a strong effect on Cheney’s chart, resulting in his hospitalization in January for shortness of breath and gout. We are likely to see more health problems for the next few months, particularly now that Saturn (which is currently traveling retrograde) slows down before turning direct (moves forward) in March. Saturn transits can bring hardship that test our ability to focus on our goals, and Chiron acts by forcing us to face painful issues in our life that we have ignored. Ignoring the lessons of these gods can bring failure (Saturn) and health problems (Chiron) as unresolved issues are left to fester.

Cheney has been driven more and more into the shadows by the administration, but his legacy of secret energy policies and polical lies continue to haunt the American political landscape.

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