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Geo W Bush gives his State of the Union address tonight, a good opportunity to take a look at what the year ahead has in store for our Prez-dent. (To learn more about Bush’s astrological dynamics review his profile here.) […]

My sister Jill is often doubted by our family, but darned if she doesn’t always turn out to be right. She supported Howard Dean, or HoDee as she likes to call him, in the last election whereas I fell for […]

The latest edition of Skywatch, a monthly report on current planetary cycles, is now posted at my website. These planetary cycles and the energy climates they create are also reviewed on this blog for the most up-to-date planetary weather report!

“The moon for all her light and grace has never learned to know her place….” from Robert Frost’s poem, Two Leading Lightsart by Deanna Hartman The New Moon occurs on January 29 at 9:15 am EST. The Sun and Moon […]

Kate, played by Evangeline Lilly, is one of my favorite characters on Lost, the fabulous ABC-TV program. Aside from her obvious beauty, she has a lovely androgynous quality that combines toughness with a sweet vulnerability. In my article The Astrology […]

Being a participant in sibling rivalry in my own family, I found myself thinking immediately of suicide when I heard of Chris Penn’s death yesterday. Sean Penn is one of the noted actors of a generation and Michael Penn has […]

Jupiter and Neptune have begun a battle which will continue until the end of March, at which point they will briefly separate and come together again in September. The cycle that we are currently in is similar to the period […]

Aquarius is an air sign, dealing with the realm of the intellect. Aquarius is the “dryest” of the air signs, with the least amount of connection to the water element of emotions, so it is interesting that the symbol for […]

painting by Werner Horvath. The recent release of an audiotape supposedly from Osama bin Laden brings up many interesting issues and ties in perfectly to the current planetary configuration with Mars opposing Jupiter, both squared by Neptune. Mars, the aggressive […]

Photo from Andrea’s Photo Blog. I thought the quote below was perfectly appropriate as we continue our journey of Venus in retrograde motion (until February 3). Venus rules our sense of beauty as well as our ability to relate to […]