Astrological Musings

Astrological Musings


Welcome to Astrodynamics, a blog about the movements of the planets and how they affect our lives. Astrology is much more complex than the “sun sign” astrology you see in your daily paper: each of us has our own unique blueprint which is the horoscope, and the dance between the earth and the planets, sun and moon facilitate cycles on earth and within ourselves.

In this blog you’ll find daily updates on planetary configurations and meanings, as well as horoscopes of famous people and events in the news. Questions and comments are always welcomed!

This initiatory post finds Mercury in retrograde motion (meaning it appears to move backward). When Mercury is retrograde, communication and mental functions (ruled by Mercury) tend to operate on a more internal or introspective level (retrograde). We often find a breakdown of communication systems such as email or telephones, and machinery may not work as expected. Contractual agreements may become confused and negotiations may be difficult since we may not be able to express ourselves clearly during these periods.

Because of the greater internalization of the mental process and focus while Mercury is in retrograde, it is a great time to go back and finish projects that were started previously. I set this blog up back in May of 2005, and only today publish the first post thanks to the aid of my sister.

  • Jill

    So does this mean I work on the old novel, or start speccing out the new one? Decisions….

  • Lynn

    You can start working on the new one but you may find yourself continually revising your plans until Mercury turns direct in December. Which characters are calling to you the most?

  • Jill

    The new ones….largely because their existence is heavily influenced by thee and me.

  • Pam Vandeloop

    So this is a blog. I enjoyed it very much. Alot of interesting information also entertaining. I learned more about retrograde and why it’s so powerful in my life. I was born with Mercury in retrograde. What does that really mean for me? Thanks

  • Lynn

    When individuals have Mercury retrograde in their chart, they may have difficulty expressing themselves clearly. The thinking and communication process tends to be more introverted. Much of this depends upon the sign that Mercury is in and the aspects that Mercury may make to other planets. Writing is very useful for those with Mercury retrograde, since it helps to get the thoughts out there in a clearer fashion

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