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July 2011 Archives

“Sailing is the one place where I feel most spiritual. The benefit of sailing is that it is not just in one place, but in many. You can be out on the water with nothing in sight or you can […]

The ocean is where I feel empowered and renewed by God the most.  I am drawn to it, in the same way that I am drawn to God.  Times when I need answers or feel too overwhelmed, I go sit […]

In the culture that we live in, we often get what we want.  And when we get it, we want more.  It seems that we are more depressed overall than the people who have very little. Hmm..  I often find […]

Emily uses art to glorify God and she feels His presence most when working in the ceramics studio.  “Just like God made us out of clay, I make my own creations out of clay. I connect with God in the […]

I went to Kohl’s today.  If you have ever been in one of these department stores you will immediately notice the music.  This is not because it is good, but because it is loud!  As, I walked around and had […]

Recently I have been working on a photography project exploring spiritual places.  My questions for people are, “where is it that you feel most strongly connected with God or how is it that God uses your gifts to His glory?” […]