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In 2010 I wrote in this blog “Imbolc is one of the less intensely celebrated Sabbats, I think because it has fewer real world connections in our lives.  In most places the coming Spring Equinox, Ostara, is well suited to […]

UPDATE  below Science Daily reports on a new theory by Erik D. Andrulis that if true demonstrates the earth is alive.  The peer reviewed journal Life has just published Theory of the Origin, Evolution, and Nature of Life, which argues […]

I have been slow in writing this post because I have wanted to do my experience justice.  In late November I crossed the country, stopping off in Lawrence Kansas for Thanksgiving with family before returning to California.  Starting from the […]

A friend of mine well versed in these matters and appreciative of problems on both sides has recommended this analysis as the best she has come across for understanding the issues at stake and why we should care.

Paul Krugman has a fascinating column in today’s NYT demonstrating that Mitt Romney’s stump speech is 100% lies.  Not one true statement of substance in it.  Not one. This means that Romney believes in absolutely nothing he is willing to […]

Check it out– a servant of Sauron has reached high power in the benighted state I once called home. This loathesome servant of evil not only gets votes he is Speaker of the House.

When I wrote Pagans and Christians I said that religions based on reveled texts that make monopolistic spiritual claims to superiority were like dormant volcanoes. However peaceful and good neighborly they appeared, they harbored deep within a danger of erupting […]

Secret Circles Hidden Prayers is a new video about Pagan families which, surprise! are very much like other families, only hesitant to be know for who they are.  I once lost a job over my religion.  It was bad, and […]

Those corporate produced foods with blueberries that we buy may not have any blueberries at all.  Here is an expose on how many of the major corporations selling “blueberries” in their food in fact have no blueberries at all, or […]

Over at Patheos I have just posted a column on whether it is possible to coherently think of a monotheistic God as an individual.  Not surprisingly given that I am a polytheist, I argue it is not.