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Atheists have been popping up and in some cases rudely intruding of late, most recently on Facebook.  Last night I “unfriended” someone on FB because I was tired of putting up with his mix of rudeness, arrogance, and his thinking […]

This wonderful Youtube video of a surprise homecoming is touching in a very warm way.  I love it. Perhaps it will give us something beyond anger and sorrow to motivate our opposition to the slaughter being carried out across so much […]

This afternoon and evening I’ll be at a Solstice party and ritual gathering, and I hope all of you will be similarly blessed.  Whether you are or not, Anne Laurie over at Balloon Juice has a post up showing perhaps […]

I just saw a great article by Stephen Lacey  linked to on Crooked Timber on how the price of solar power is falling very rapidly.  This has been a long term trend, and shows no signs of slowing.  The rate […]

Since I pulled way back from writing blog posts on politics, and radically reduced by attention to the day to day activities of the sociopathic crowd who dominates the news, I have found my outlook  improved even if my view […]

This is the final and for me most difficult installment of the four little essays I have written exploring the nature of evil and bad things happening in a good world. So if you are a confirmed skeptic you might […]

The modern world’s essentially autistic view of reality has suffered many assaults over the past 150 years.  In particular Darwin, the paradoxes of quantum mechanics and the rise of ecology as a science and a societal crisis, among other issues, […]