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Fascinating Findings Concerning Acupuncture and Rats

I believe my unusually rapid recovery from a stroke in 2008 was connected to working with healing energy for 25 years.  My belief just received a boost. 

This week (April 24) 
the  New Scientist gave  a fascinating account of an experiment first reported in the Neurobiology of Disease. Seventy five rats initially had their spines damaged.  One third were then given acupuncture on two locations far from the spine –
near their mouths and in the upper hind leg.  One third received “simulated acupuncture” with a
toothpick.  Another third received
no treatment at all.  Within 35
days those rats who received acupuncture evidenced better balance, walked
better, and had less nerve cell death.


Acupuncture had already demonstrated its ability to help
human beings with spinal injuries
.  But many doubters and “skeptics” remained. Someone irrationally committed to
their view of reason could and did suggest its impact was primarily
psychological.  It’s hard to make
that argument with rats.

Last Spring I was describing what had happened to a friend
studying acupuncture. I mentioned asking a TaiChi/XiGong master I knew to help me over the last
hurdle between being unable to write my name and driving alone to Maine a
little over two months later.


She told me that in China when people had a stroke many went
to acupuncturists if they could, in order to prevent worse nerve damage and
speed up their healing. Like Tai Chi and Xi Gong, and the work I have done for
so long, acupuncture works with chi, and chi in my experience impacts
nerves.  (Working with chi is also
deeply impacted by intention, but that’s another discussion.) I described my conversation on this blog last June.

When someone, usually a bright skeptic, but one not quite as
bright as he or she imagines, points out that modern science cannot find chi, I
remind them that until the late 19th century it could not find
radiation.  Did that mean that
radiation did not exist until we discovered it?  Or perhaps it suggests many admirers of science confuse
present knowledge with possible knowledge.  Which is a very anti-scientific attitude, as the experiments
above indicate.

If you know anyone who has a stroke, or recently had one, I
urge you to have them see a competent acupuncturist or Tai-Chi/XiGong healer.

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Acupuncture NYC - Manhattan

posted April 28, 2010 at 1:43 pm

If the existence or non-existence of qi is a stumbling block for scientifically-minded people to accept acupuncture, then we can ignore the issue entirely. We don’t have to believe or even acknowledge the concept of qi in order to use acupuncture effectively or to do clinical trials of acupuncture. Chinese medical theory can be viewed as a description of natural patterns or as simply a useful tool for making effective clinical decisions. There is no reason to get caught up in “does it really exist or not”, you don’t need to beleive in acupuncture for it to work.

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posted April 30, 2010 at 11:26 am

My husband and I have both been working with healing energy over the last few years. We have several special needs pets that we do healing work with, mostly dachshunds with back problems and/or arthritis. In 2008, one of our dachshunds blew a disc in her back and her hind quarters were completely paralyzed. She had no movement and no feeling. The vet’s prognosis is that she would recover very little if at all. So we set up our life to dealing with a disabled pet. We got her a little doggy wheelchair, learned how to fit diapers on a dog, how best to help her go to the bathroom (she had some bladder control, but not 100%). While we were working with her, changing diapers, managing diaper rash, and all the dozens of other things you deal with when your dog is paralyzed, we also spent time sending healing energy into her back and legs. After 2 months we started seeing small signs of movement. A week later, she started showing signs of having some feeling. A month later, she was walking on her own, a bit wobbly, but walking. By the end of the year (about 5 months after blowing out the disc), she was fully recovered. 2 years later, the vet is still amazed every time she sees Amber. Heck, we’re still amazed and we see her every day.
Right now we have a cat in kidney failure. We’re working with him the same way. Right now we’ve got him down from daily fluid infusions to every other day. We’re still hoping and working to get him beyond that. He’s only 8, so he could still have some good years ahead of him, and we’re not giving up.
People can say all they want about psychosomatic and it doesn’t really exist. Then I look at my little miracle dog, and I know they don’t have a leg to stand on. Amber does though. She’s got two steady little hind legs, thanks to our energy healing.

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chiropractors san francisco

posted January 12, 2011 at 4:04 am

Are there instances that a person die because of acupuncture? If ever, what’s the ratio? TIA.

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Chiropractor Therapy

posted February 3, 2011 at 1:46 pm

Such a nice information shared in this post. Acupuncture is an alternative medicine known to be effective as remedy in body pains. It treats patients by insertion and manipulation of needles at specific points.

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posted February 8, 2011 at 3:10 am

I haven’t tried acupuncture yet.. I’m afraid of needles but then as what they say it really help us, I will try it next week, see what improvement in my health can do this thing.

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