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A great piece on why it is so difficult to convince people by using reason and evidence has just appeared in Atlantic Magazine ‘s online site.  Lane Wallace’s The Uncommon Navigator  is well worth reading by all Pagans – and […]

We have all heard, if we’ve paid attention, of how stories of Americans widespread torturing of Muslims have served as a big recruitment draw for groups fighting us.  Torture is what Americans have been doing because our amoral leaders say […]

Ever since Cheryl brought Rachel Maddow’s interview of Frank Schaeffer  to my attention, I’ve dithered and agonized over whether to post it.  Frank Schaeffer is a former leading member of the religious right who was deeply involved in Republican Party […]

Last night we discussed the meaning of the Wiccan Rede: An It Harm None, Do as Ye Will.  Its tone and message is very different from much monotheistic teaching, such as the Ten Commandments.     Superficially read the Rede simply says, […]

Some Fundamentalists think they have concocted a neat way of attacking evolution on the 150th anniversary of the publication of Darwin’s Origin of Species, lowering our national IQ below even the level to which it has currently sunk.  A young […]

We had our first Wicca 101 class last night, on Mabon, the Equinox.  Along with the Priestess who is co-teaching, we had five students: two with previous experience, the others without.  A sixth, also a newbie, will join us at […]

Our Mabon and Samhain discussions have prompted this post.  Wicca’s roots are in northwestern Europe, a land of strong seasons like those in much of the US.  It was easy to integrate the agricultural cycle in the British Isles, and […]

Brandi- tell me about it.

The wild card on environmental issues has always been our ingenuity. Current developments in Germany are pointing to a near future where any household who wants one can have a power generating plant in their basement that is greener, more […]

The Fall Equinox has arrived, and with it the final Wiccan Sabbat celebrating the harvest, the reaping of the riches produced throughout the year.  Like the Spring Equinox, Mabon is a time of balance, but balance with a different flavor.  […]