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There is a wonderful thread on coffee right now over at Balloon Juice.  I know John knows his coffee, because like him I was a snob for Peets until I discovered Kalani.  I think Peets’ Major Dickinson’s Blend is one […]

Conservative “pro-life” Christians, especially Texans, now have an interesting moral challenge.  Cameron Todd, an innocent man, was executed in Texas.  The facts of his innocence are overwhelming in this case.  For a start, see Huffingtonpost  as well as Barry Scheck’s […]

I just came across a fascinating anecdote that might shed light on something that has long fascinated and horrified me about my country.  At a recent town-hall meeting in Iowa a local weekly quizzed attendees as to whether or not […]

As many of you know, occasionally I have bounced someone from this list, or barred them from a particular thread – in which case they usually take their duckies and go home.  Is this controlling on my part?

Haven’t had one for a while.  This one’s yours.

Some time earlier this blog was a scene of considerable discussion as various self-described religious people attempted to justify torture.  A common claim as I remember was that it worked, that it saved American lives. Dick Cheney said that so […]

Here is the projected course of instruction for my Wicca 101 class, starting this in September.  Each numbered section will be at least one week long, sometimes longer.  It is biased towards a broadly British Traditionalist approach, and also is […]

When I first became a Pagan I thought that we were primarily a new/old religious perspective that would better integrate human beings with the world and feminine values.  I still think that, but just what that means has continued to […]

As I promised, here is Part 2 of Robinson’s post. In it she discusses what people can do in the short run to forestall things getting further out of hand than they are.  She promises a Part 3, that will […]

When I was just becoming a Pagan, one of the things I loved most was the music.  Fortunately I lived in the San Francisco Bay Area, whch was one of the centers for a lot of good musicians, including the […]