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The Washington Post reported in a front page article,  that in retrospect the Bush regime’s practice of torture saved no lives, led to no critical information, foiled no plots, and like most everything else that group told the American people, […]

Referring back to an earlier post, some people have suggested that Pagan ‘theology’ was through myths.  In a sense this is true, but in a sense that I think is deeper, it is not.  Perhaps this is because of how […]

Tonight, at 8:30 in whatever time zone they live, millions of people will be turning out their lights in a symbolic action pressing for worldwide change on energy and our relations with the More Then Human World. Sponsored by the […]

Troy Camplin’s quip “I’ve always told people there are in fact 6 billion religions on earth” in a recent blog comment inspires this post. When I first became a Witch I was bothered by the existence of ‘traditions’ considerably younger […]

Glen Greenwald over at Salon has an important post  for anyone interested in understanding our economic crisis, and the shortcomings even Democrats have in dealing with it.  George Bush treated this country like a banana republic.  But Argentina might be […]

I just got through reading a report on the global warming denial conference reported in the Scotsman, a major paper in Scotland.  Curious, I read the comments. or many of them anyway. As I read them I thought of doing […]

Given that even Fundamentalist Jews can endorse and presumably practice genocide, it is refreshing to see what Pagans are doing in this context.  April is Genocide Prevention Month  because it is the month when many genocidal events began.   An […]

I try to give religious fundamentalists the benefit of the doubt, innocent until proven guilty, and the like.  I have members of my family who hold those beliefs, and they are good people in their personal relationships. But by the […]

Today I read “The Race to Save the Frogs” by Jennifer S. Holland in the April National Geographic.   Her article describes the horrendous impact the fungal disease chytrid  is having on the world’s amphibians, killing off entire species.  Holland quotes […]

I have just finished Linda Hogan’s Dwellings.  Hers is not a new book.  It appeared in 1995, and I missed it then. I have been the poorer for my oversight.  I stumbled across it in a bookstore -and picked it […]