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I have long been perplexed, and more than perplexed, by the seeming contradiction between the more intelligent right wingers’ stirring defenses of ‘freedom,’ ‘the rule of law,’ and ‘small government’ and their cheer-leading for George Bush, who under-mined these values […]

Barack Obama’s decisive win throughout almost the entire United States gave many of us hope that the threat of religious persecution and authoritarianism would begin to fade from our land.  To the degree that they could, a majority of Americans […]

 Yesterday I went again to the wonderful Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, long the largest cathedral in the world, and still number three, after St. Peter’s and St. Paul’s.  When it was built, all of an admittedly smaller Florence […]

Some of those who commented on an early blog of mine on the Bible and abortion questioned whether a Pagan should address so-called “Christian” beliefs.  Among other points, I answered that when these so-called “Christians” based their political opinions on […]

Dave Banack over at Mormon Inquiry   is wondering what the deeper spiritual meaning might be for the growing toleration of Wiccans and other NeoPagans in America today.  On the one hand, we demonstrably aren’t particularly dangerous to anyone, but on […]

 I am staying in an old monastery just below the hill town of Fiesole, a longish walk up the hill from Florence, Italy. Luxurious by the standards of those who long lived here, my small room has a single bed […]

The final panel I attended at Pantheacon was on  international interfaith work.  Its participants were an impressive group: Glen Turner, Starhawk, Don Frew, Selena Fox, Anastacia Nutt, Rachel Wachter, and EliSheva Nesher.  While present at the Con, Rowan Fairgrove was […]

At Pantheacon Pagans deeply involved in interfaith affairs reported important achievements in two panels, one on the Lost and Endangered Religions Project (LERP) and the other on international interfaith work in general.  Both are doing great good for our spiritual […]

Pantheacon coverage will return shortly – I gotta catch a plane. Markets are wonderful means by which people can make voluntary exchanges.  They are indispensable servants.  But when they become our masters all values are subordinated to enabling the most […]

I will return to Pantheacon   issues shortly, but Holly Liebowitz Rossi over at Fresh Living   wonders whether I am using the word ‘spiritual’ appropriately in my blog on shopping locally.  This gives me an opportunity to explore this interesting question […]