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This weekend many Pagans will celebrate Imbolc, or Brigid.   Imbolc is one of the less  emphasized Sabbats in our Wheel of the Year.  We are emerging from the regular frantic holiday season, combining Yule with Christmas, Hanukkah,  and Kwanza […]

We are hearing an unending stream of please for ‘bipartisanship’ on the part of the Republican Party and the corporate press.  People with actual memories have pointed out this sentiment was utterly lacking when Republicans dominated all branches of government.  […]

Not a creative title, but a true one. This is my first post as a Pagan blogger on Beliefnet.  I am honored with the opportunity, and hope my words will be of value to both Pagan and non-Pagan readers alike. […]

Within a day or two my blog will have undergone three changes. First, and least significantly, it will look much different, though hopefully with all the same information. Second, this new look will be because I will have moved it […]

Thanks to globum for this image We residents of los Estados Unidos are not the only Americans with good reason to celebrate. The people of Bolivia have just voted in a constitution that for the first time recognizes the rights […]

One of the interesting if disturbing issues unfolding before us now is the frenzied defense of torture by many right wing ‘Christians’ and their allies in the media.  Bill O’Reilly who makes more noise as a supposed defender of Christianity […]

I am sure I am not alone among my readers in having partied long and well last night.  What a wonderful day.  I know it is alwys risky to invest too much hope in a political leader, for whom so […]

Pantheacon is a giant Pagan gathering held this year Feb 13-16, over the Presidents’ Day weekend, at the Doubletree Hotel in San Jose, California, near the airport.  It is a wonderful event I would attend even if I were not […]

There has been a lot of discussion as to whether newspapers as they currently exist can survive the age of the internet.  I want to suggest that no, they won’t, and further, that this is a good thing.  A very […]