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My Articles Are Up Again

posted by Gus diZerega

One reason I wanted this site was to serve as a place where much of my published work could be made easily available.  Some hacker removed it a while ago and left junk.  It has taken me a while to […]

The Tragedy of Classical Liberalism

posted by Gus diZerega

               All wars suffer casualties on both sides.  Worse, there is always substantial collateral damage.  The wars against liberal civilization, both hot and cold, that punctuated the Twentieth Century were no exception.  Liberalism emerged triumphant, […]

Thoughts on the Election I.

posted by Gus diZerega

George Bush has left a fearful wreckage behind him.  Most of those who will read this blog will think of our constitution, justice system, military, foreign policy, health policy, and environmental policy as examples, and you will not be wrong.  […]

The Most Important Election of My Life (I hope)

posted by Gus diZerega

I think Kagro X at Daily Kos got it right in the fewest words: “It’s a great day for Democrats and Republicans alike. For Democrats, Barack Obama was elected President. For Republicans, there was finally dancing in the streets and […]

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Thank you for visiting A Pagans Blog. This blog is no longer being updated. Please enjoy the archives. Here is another blog you may also enjoy: The Latest on Pagan and Earth-Based Religions Happy Reading!!!

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Earth Day and the Sacredness of the Earth
I think Earth Day is a particularly important moment for contemplation and commitment by us Pagans.  Often American Christian critics accuse us of “pantheism,” and in a important respect they are right.  We do find the sacred, most of us, in the earth without reference to any transcendental sp

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Instructive examples on why interfaith work is a good idea
I deeply believe the problems in our country are more of the heart than of the head. Here are some youtubes courtesy of John Morehead of the Evangelical Chapter of the Foundation for Religious Diplomacy on Facebook. They speak more eloquently than anything I can write that interfaith work is a good

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The controversy over Pink Slime - and what it means.
The controversy over pink slime is helping educate Americans to the fact that corporations are as beneficial to agriculture as they are to politics. Tom Laskawy put it pithily: “What pink slime represents is an open admission by the food industry that it is hard-pressed to produce meat that won’

posted 4:03:07pm Apr. 11, 2012 | read full post »

How the "war on religion' backfired into a war on women
Here  is a really good article by Tina DuPuy on how the Republicans got themselves into such a mess with America's more intelligent women.  Left undiscussed is how the extreme pathological masculinity of both their deity and their leaders made that slip so very easy.

posted 12:12:35pm Apr. 11, 2012 | read full post »

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