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A friend asked me who I supported for President. She knew it would be either Clinton or Obama. As things now stand I would vote for a box turtle for President over any likely Republican candidate. But why Obama and […] When a new spiritual tradition becomes established within a society, both are changed. In a way this is like when one of us enters on to a spiritual path. While certainly changed in the process, we cannot each help […]

I will conduct a workshop on “Energy Healing: Beginning to Intermediate” at Pantheacon 2008, in the Doubltree Hotel, San Jose, on Monday, February 18, at 9 a.m. I will combine explanation with opportunities for participants to have personal experiences they […]

This post fulfills a promise I made in the Solstice post below. The extraordinary and disturbing entry of religion into American politics over the past few decades raises an important question for all people with a spiritual commitment: how should […]