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You are too sensitive! Have you heard this one before? I am no stranger to this comment as I am very much aware of my environment, both within and without. At times it is challenging to deal with, but I have learned to better hone my skills because of this.  Here are some thoughts and tools to help you to understand your sensitive nature and master and cherish this ability.


When you are super sensitive to the energy, thoughts, and feelings of others, it can be overwhelming. You may have even heard the term Empathic or Empath on your travels. It describes what many of us, including myself, experience on a daily basis. Sometimes is is so overwhelming that people won’t leave their home as they no longer know how to cope with the lack of energetic boundaries. As we learn to work with and then master our awareness of this energy, the world begins to up up in new ways. Learn to use this as a tool to enhance your life instead of as a weapon to hinder your progress and make everything more challenging.

What is being Empathic? An empath is someone who has the ability to feel thoughts and feelings. As a nurse, if I walked into a patient’s room that was having difficulty breathing, I would literally have difficulty breathing. I had to figure out what was mine and what was someone else’s. Since I worked in a hospital I worked with sick people all the time. The challenge with being an empath is learning what is yours and what belongs to someone else. Even though I know this and have worked with it all of my life, I sometimes forget and experience needless suffering. As soon as I notice I am feeling out of sorts, I tune into myself and ask, “Is this mine or someone else’s?” If it is someone else’s then usually feeling leaves me. If it is mine, the issue doesn’t go away.

Here is a quick little online test you can take to see if you are an empath If you think you are one, chances are you are!

There are times when I want to be on and aware of what is happening around me energetically and times I do not. When I am in the middle of the city, I want my energy closer to me so that I am not feeling everyone and everything. When I am rural areas, I can be out there a bit more. When I am in the back country, I want to be alert for lions, tigers, and bears, so I am way out there.

One of the best skills I can share with you is to become aware of your energy field. We are all energy beings, vibrating at different rates. It doesn’t matter if you can see, or feel this energy, just trust that it is so. Like gravity!  Imagine you are inside of big invisible balloon. You want to draw that balloon closer to yourself. Suck in until you feel better, approximately 6 inches or 15 cm around your physical body. Take a deep breath. You will be amazed at how much better you feel. If you have been ‘out there’ for a very long time and not aware of yourself it feel like such a relief.

I use L-rods, or dousing rods to help show students and clients how to work with their energy field. Learning to become aware and conscious of your energy and that of others makes living life so much easier when you are super sensitive. You will be glad you tired it.

Your Angel Guidance is work with managing the areas you are most sensitive:

Be here now in each moment. Become conscious of your own energy pattern and bring it closer to you when you feel overwhelmed or become aware that you don’t feel quite right.  Play with your energy in the middle of crowded room and see if you can notice the difference. Do the same out in the forest and in a park. You will begin to more quickly recognize the different energies and your own response to them.

Tons of love, Sharon and the angels xoxox

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