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Mastery is an inside job. We all come to earth to master certain things while we are here. Sometimes we are successful, sometimes not so much, or at least that is how we feel. Mastery is about doing the best you can and knowing it is not always perfect, but the best. This is not easy as a human and that is one of the reason we do it.

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“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.” Rumi

I’ve been away from the internet quite a lot lately as my mother is away frolicking by the seashore, and it gives me time to sit back and ponder life, the Universe, and all that is. During my morning meditation my guides recently took me on a soul review of events of my life. You can change your world as you change yourself was the message.

I kind of felt like I was Ebeneezer Scrooge except I was being visited by the ghosts of spring times past, present, and I can’t remember if the future one had time to show up as the past one seemed to stay around for quite some time. It seems to be a recurring theme in my circle of friends, and that many of us are going through similar experiences.

I take particular note when things happen in groups of 3 or more and especially when it hits the ‘or more’. This seems to be a perfect time to review so that you can begin anew in the spring time as our world reawakens.

Your Angel Guidance is:

Do a meditation in the love and light of the Angels with Archangel Jeremiel. Ask them to assist you in reviewing important moments from your past that need to be reviewed.  Begin to see the true beauty from those experiences so you can move on to something more. See the Mastery of those life lessons so you can complete them and be finished with the past. There is so much more for you to make your future and begin living in the now.

Tons of love, Sharon and the angels xoxox

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