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AKUTAN, Alaska— The Grumman Goose that flies between Unalaska and Akutan doesn’t have a name, but if it did, it might be called the Aleutian Goose, or maybe the Spirit of Akutan. For the article and videos, click here. Courtesy […]

We were using live ammunition during maneuvers in Germany when a phosphorus flare fell short, coming perilously close to me and some of my buddies. We did what most people do under such circumstances — we ran for our lives. […]

Military Heroes – U. S. Army Sgt. M. Joshua Ryan Laughery . . . SGT Laughery [was] awarded the Silver Star for his valor during a fight in Afghanistan.  With his leadership hit and five of his squad wounded in […]

Military Heroes – U. S. Army Ed Eaton While the word “hero” may hold a different meaning to many, I think we all can agree that Sergeant Ed Eaton demonstrated immense courage and heroism the night his helicopter got shot […]

My family wanted to do something to honor my nephew, a Ranger with the Army’s 101st Airborne, who had been sent to Iraq. So, with the help of her four-year-old grandson, Chandler, my sister tied a yellow ribbon on the […]

There is no greater sacrifice that one can offer than their life. Memorial Day honors the men and women who have given all for their country and for freedom. The National WWII Museum tells the story of the American Experience […]

Military Heroes – U. S. Army Freddie Stowers Freddie Stowers was a Corporal in the United States Army who posthumously received the Medal of Honor for his actions in World War I. He led the assault on Côte 188, and […]

During his re-enlistment interview, the first sergeant asked my friend if he’d considered re-upping in the Air Force. “I wouldn’t re-enlist if you made me a four-star general, gave me a million dollars and Miss America for a roommate!” he […]

The valor of America’s veterans reminds us why we remain free. By Karl Rove Click here for Rove’s article. Courtesy of Karl Rove.     Loyal Subscribers!  We need some help.  The purpose of our “Heart” section is to publish […]

A recruit in Navy boot camp got on the wrong side of our company commander and was ordered to do push-ups. As he neared triple digits, an airliner flew overhead. “I bet you wish you were on that plane, don’tcha?” […]