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The Faith Forum – Roundup

Snapshots from the forum that might not have been seen on TV:

- Spontaneous and sustained applause for Elizabeth Edwards when she walked into the auditorium. She was mobbed by people all around her – mobbed not for autographs but mobbed to show love. It was beautiful.

- A single African-American man jumping up and down with frenetic joy and love for Sen. Obama. His love for Obama was so intense, so personal. I wonder how deep that passion runs in the African-American community.

- Camera shutter clicks that sounded like distant, frenetic woodpeckers throughout Obama’s speech. Suffice it to say that not every candidate was so photographed.

- The big, gross signs outside the Lisner Auditorium depicting aborted babies and the young white men who were holding them. I’m fairly sure that isn’t the best way to make the case that unborn children should be protected.

Thoughts on the forum:

The overall “winner” was Sen. Clinton. Hands down. She was in total and complete control. Her people handed out a list of her faith-based accomplishments in the media box. She used some of the old Christian “code words” Republican candidates have long used to sprinkle their speeches – “witness” and “prayer warriors” and she talked about prayer and faith the same way most Christian I know talk about it. She talked about that struggle between prayers of great significance – for people who are sick, or people suffering – and prayers of great selfishness – to lose weight for instance. It was as if she was running not just for the nomination but already for the general election where she knows she will have a staggering amount of work to do among moderate and center right voters who equate “Clinton” with “scandal” and remember her disparaging remarks about stay-at-home moms and baking cookies.

Then there was her answer to the question about how she responded to President Clinton’s infidelity. “I wouldn’t have gotten through it without my faith.” She seemed a bit vulnerable, very human, very much a woman who struggled with what to do in a violated marriage. But most powerfully, she said that faith and her prayer warrior friends gave her the strength to do what seemed right to her regardless of what the world thought.

What a powerful statement. The world wanted her to leave him. It would be just. He deserved it. She would be free of him, free of his baggage, free of the accusations that she was just in it for the power. But no, she said last night at the forum. No, her faith lead her to stay.

As strong as Sen. Clinton was Sen. Obama was pondering. He has gravitas, he is smart, but last night he was boring. He gave some powerful answers about evil and about how important it was for a country to always examine itself to make sure it wasn’t doing evil in pursuit of conquering evil. But there’s not too much more to say.

Sen. Edwards talked a lot about Jesus. He talked about his personal faith and said pretty much the same things he said to me in the interview he gave to Beliefnet.

Where Edwards shown, however, was when it came to talking about poverty. Unique among the candidates, he spoke of his passion for the poor and his history working with and for the poor. It is a powerful and moving resume of help – from taking 700 college kids to help rebuild New Orleans to working with inner city youth programs to working with anti-poverty groups overseas. Fighting poverty, he said, was the his life’s calling and there can be little doubt of that truth.

His only problem is that few seem to care about the passion for fighting poverty. Even at last night’s forum, talk of fighting poverty hardly dominated the discussion. And that is too bad because if this faith movement on the left doesn’t manifest itself in powerful action for the poor then what will it have gained?

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Unsympathetic reader

posted June 5, 2007 at 2:13 pm

Religious obsequiousness. I see people are still lapping that stuff up like crack. How many extra states do the campaign advisers project could be won if their candidate got a ‘Jesus rocks!’ tattoo?

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posted June 5, 2007 at 2:19 pm

It is not called the Culture War for nothing. I’m ready for a new country. A Democrat in the White House with a Democrat Congress will get the real ball rolling for a new future. I’m ready for looking back on the rise and fall of the American Empire. 20 or 30 little countries where once stood the United States? That could be great. Very great. Especially for what used to be called real families that never really disappeared. No matter the what the New York Times and Hollywood tried to say. No matter the Democrat-Liberal we prop up into office, the demise of the American way of life which they will implement (which never promoted the of the unborn until these Leftist Dems gained power) will set in motion a better future. Mom (as a woman), apple pie, marriage and family meaning morality, love of country, heroic strong men (who love their female wife) being role models, assimilation into a unifying English-speaking society . . . , all the good things we once took for granted without thinking they were hate crimes that will wiped away with the coming Secular-Progressive plague on the populace . . ., will be a good thing eventually.I say let’s elect a Democrat.Let’s start the process for the end of the “United” States of America once and for all. Since it is easy to see who and what will survive intact and be unaffected from the decaying effects of Liberl-immorality promoted by the Leftist “machine” so worshipped by the Democrat faithful, I say let it rip. Barak Obama? Ethnicity is no issue really. He’s Just a typical elitist college educated Leftist in a stuffed suit wanting to rule the little people who can’t stand on their own without the leadership of the educated elite. His melanin doesn’t change his Marxist anti-American, anti-military ideology. It seems Democrats love a military hater now and he should have it easy to be swept into office. If we listen to his words, we’ll see, a typical leftie.Hillary Clinton? Without “her husband” Bill Clinton she wouldn’t even be a politician. (Hey, maybe Leftie-Dems aren’t that dumb after all. Bill’s pulling strings still?) Now she’s a leader of some kind of large voting group. Which is a telling sign of what America has become in and of itself. John Edwards? Americans have always had a hard time with used car salesmen. As in, a hard time not getting fleeced. He could be fun to watch until the engine stops running on our government.What’s his name with the hair plugs from the whacked out east coast?Oh yeah Joe Biden. Now there’s a candidate worthy of leading American Leftists. Like a hedonist-Caesar (What? 80-grand for that hairline?), this guy would be the man for the job of seeing America dissolve really quickly. Please. I say it doesn’t matter which Democrat-Liberal we use to finish off the U.S. once and for all. The good Ex-Americans looking back on the once great U.S., having rejected the Marxism that will be forced (of course) onto a willing populace (at first).The New Americans will be doing just fine standing on the ashes of the dead civilization once started by Agnostics and Deists and led into its destruction by Agnostics and Atheists.Churches will overflow with hope and the hopeful.I say set it in motion now. Don’t wait. Like setting a leech on your arm to draw out the disease within the blood, let us put a Leftist/Liberal/Progressive in the White House.The healthy will survive. After all is said AND done . . .History will not be mocked.

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posted June 5, 2007 at 5:08 pm

Geez, I was beginning to enjoy the comments again. Hate spewing is so (right wing) Christian. Is it not? I would gather so by Donny’s comments. If he can judge by his standards then I will stick to mine. RW = hate of humanity that is not RWC. It is obvious. Clear as a bell. Maybe we do all deserve to go down in flames with JC wielding the smote(or is it smite?)sword of righteousness. As I said I was so enjoying the blogs/comments.

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posted June 5, 2007 at 8:44 pm

I hope this doesn’t make me an unvigorous worshipper but are we sure we want two faith-based parties? How about a people who do the work they are called to and a secular, limited government that provides a good education, a measure of security and sees to the most basic needs of “the least of these” while well-intended people see to the most important needs of all our neighbors.

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posted June 5, 2007 at 11:13 pm

Donny, From your most recent post, a nonbeliever might conclude that Jesus was an English-speaking, pro-military capitalist. Is this the testimony you would choose to give for our Lord and Savior? Don’t let your anger come between you and Jesus Christ. Peace.

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posted June 5, 2007 at 11:19 pm

Doug – I am with you. In an odd way Chrisitianity is no longer one faith but many. The interpretations of the bible and what it means to be a christian are so broad and varied that some are not recognizable to each other. Of course this is really anything new. I would much prefer to judge someone by the strength of their character, and whether there talk and actions align. Some people can talk a good game but are not really following any kind of ethical or moral code. You don’t have to be “christian” to do that.

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posted June 6, 2007 at 1:46 am

Susie, et al, The faith presented within the pages of the New Testament do not show a multi-pointing organization. Some people are right (correct, and some people are wrong. Read it for yourself. For example, marriage. From Christ Jesus to the Apostles it is a man and a woman.Look for the non and anti-Christians preaching something else. See how easy Bible lessons can be.

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posted June 6, 2007 at 2:29 am

Don’t forget the flannelgraph figures, Donny! Good to see you back, you keep these posts interesting, that’s for sure!

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posted June 6, 2007 at 2:32 am

“…a multi-pointing organization.” Hmmm, is that Greek, Donny? Swahili? I need you to unpack that a bit b/c I’m not sure I get what you’re saying.

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posted June 6, 2007 at 2:49 am

I was not quoting the bible but the state of Christianity now. But my bible tells me something different then you. What interpretation should one follow? I will keep my own counsel in that regard. Thank you.

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