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Editorial Submissions

To provide the best content for our visitors, we accept external editorial content. If you believe you have unique, fresh and compelling piece to share, please send your editorial submission to for consideration. A Beliefnet Editor will contact you within 72 hours if we feel your submission is a fit for our website. Thank you for your interest and support of Beliefnet!

Unique Content

We realize that you may be re-posting content that already appears on another website; however, if you do this, it is critical that the content is edited so that it can easily be distinguished from the original content. In some cases we recommend that a unique 3-4 sentence synopsis of the original article followed by a link to that article accompany your submission.

External links

We realize that good content will include links back to one or more source sites; however, we also realize it is sometimes easy to abuse these links. In most cases, articles with more than two external links or multiple links to the same target page will not be approved for publication on Beliefnet.


Authors are encouraged to include relevant images in their articles along with the appropriate image titles and any relevant external links. Note that the author must have permission to use the images submitted. Articles with images that are inappropriate or attempt to deceive the visitor in any way will not be approved.

Fresh Content

Relevant editorial content with useful information is always welcome. All editorial must be current. Adding articles simply to get the benefit of links back to a source site is strictly prohibited.

Content Ownership

It is critical that the author owns the content and any images embedded within that content.

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