Reinventing Yourself in a Tough Economy


The good news is that the economy hit bottom a while back and is now in recovery – although it seems like the slowest recovery ever! The bad news is that many, many jobs disappeared in the Great Recession and they aren't coming back – they're gone for good.

While the outlook for our country is s-l-o-w-l-y getting brighter, the outlook for hundreds of thousands of individuals still seems bleak. What can you do if you're one of those folks whose job and/or company is gone forever?

If there's anything I know for sure, it's that Americans are resilient, resourceful, smart, and creative. Americans are can-do people. We are inventors and innovators. We are pioneers and adventurers. We put a man on the moon; we pull off medical miracles; we develop wonder drugs; we invent killer apps. We can certainly put ourselves back to work. Here are ten tips to get started!

BJ Gallagher is an inspirational author and speaker. Her new book is "If God Is Your Co-Pilot, Switch Seats" (Hampton Roads) For two minutes of inspiration and reassurance, see   Check out her books here!

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