Spring Clean Your Home and Mind

Step 2: Just Get Rid of It!

Woman resting on a couch, stacked boxes on a table.

We could all learn to live with less stuff. If you haven't used something in the past six months, it's time to get rid of it! Be honest with yourself and give away all those items you have not used. You'll soon see that it can be very liberating!

Your Home

Chances are that you have a lot more than you need. Challenge yourself by only keeping the things that you have recently used. Once you've gone through your stuff and you know what you'll give away, don't wait to take your bags or boxes to the Goodwill Stores nearby. The sooner you get rid of your excess stuff, the better you will feel!

Your Mind

Feel like your mind is just as cluttered as your home? Think positive thoughts and, if you need to, clean up the way you talk to yourself. Remember that you are valued and loved and should live a life in which you are kind to yourself. As you pick up one item to throw or give away, say to yourself something like "I deserve to be living in a clean environment".

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