Is Your Heart Chakra Open Today?

Learn why it is so important to keep your heart chakra open.


What kind of day are you having today? Are things going your way and you are happy or is your day full of worries, problems and negative feelings?

I don't need to know the exact story of how you feel today but I know that if you are happy your heart chakra is open and if you are somewhat unhappy your heart chakra is blocked or closed. So the good news is that in order to be happy nothing much needs to change in your life - you simply need to open your heart chakra and then you will feel much better.

I realize that what I am saying may appear as a bold statement if you are struggling with real problems like poverty, bereavement or ill health. But what I am saying is not only my own opinion - it is the wisdom that we are told by every genuine spiritual teacher throughout the centuries. They all agree - no matter what their spiritual or religious background - that more love is the answer to all our questions and the solution to all our problems.

How can this love be achieved? There are many avenues but in this article we will be looking at becoming more loving through opening our heart chakra.


With an open heart chakra we will feel love and forgiveness where before we may have felt resentment, anger or even hatred. We will feel grateful for everything we have in our life, instead of being upset about the things we feel that we are missing. And we will feel a sense of happiness and courage where before we felt depression and fear. All these wonderful things can be achieved simply by opening our heart chakra.

Opening our heart chakra is simple in principle but needs gentle persistence. First, we need to focus into the middle of our chest and examine what we feel in this part of our body. Many people may answer that they feel 'nothing'. But there is no such thing as 'nothing' in the universe. We need to describe this nothingness, maybe as a grey light or a sense of empty space.

Once we have taken stock of our feelings in our heart chakra we need to gently smile into this area of our body and embrace our heart with all our love. We can do this by visualizing beautiful light in our chest and relaxing this part of our body as much as we can. We can also use other pictures like imagining that a block of ice is melting in our chest that leaves us with glittering water.

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Tara Springett
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