Changes: Turn and Face the Strain

Vaishali discusses how each individual has the power to change and contribute to the world.

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Vaishali is the author of Wisdom Rising and You Are What You Love 

Even if you have never read anything by David Icke, or ever considered examining the validity of some of the most commonly questioned conspiracy theories, you most likely have held your head while rocking back and forth in your best attempt to self-comfort while chanting repeatedly, “Holy Mother of God what is happening?”

Yeah, I know people have been clamoring that it is the end of the world since there was language to articulate thought and a world to potentially end. Yet something else is happening. The levels of stress, anxiety, fear, worry, despair, and general feelings of hopelessness are reaching a fevered pitch never experienced before on such a systemic, across the board, universally acknowledged level. In other words: “Holy Mother of God what is happening?”

What I value about the timeless Eastern philosophies like the Vedas, Buddhism and Taoism is that the life-directional wisdom they offer is described as a life raft that we need to cling to in order to cross the Sea of Ignorance and Suffering to get to the Shore of Enlightenment. 

The life raft is composed of what you give your attention to. In other words, how you direct your awareness will either consistently sink you or keep you afloat. Focusing on taking your power back as a Divine force of Love and Wisdom is always the unremitting central point of focus. This means you have to cut your attention loose from seeing yourself as disposable and as a helpless victim of a cruel and meaningless world that has more power than you do. You have to be willing to separate from the perspective that you will forever be fear’s slave forced to mercilessly dance to its tyrannical music. You must be willing to grow beyond defining yourself as not good enough, unable to measure up, always broke and behind as all of these points of focus act like an anchor around your neck. Not exactly the best water wings available to your free will.


The good news here is that you have the power right here right now to change –  to turn and face the strain. With your consciousness you can change and heal your life. You do not have to wait until the government learns how to clean up its own hedonistic self-consuming mess. You have the free will to choose to recognize only one power. And that is the power of your true nature: Divine Love & Wisdom.

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