Meditation: Making Cancer Treatment Meaningful

Use this ritual to enter each chemotherapy session with feelings of peace, blessing, and the power of divine healing.

When you've been diagnosed with cancer, your oncologist may introduce you to a new vocabulary; words that you’ve heard before but never dreamed would be part of your personal reality—chemotherapy and radiation. While the prospect of these treatments may be daunting at first, you can empower yourself spiritually and enhance your healing with some simple techniques and rituals. Let this meditation help you enter your treatment sessions with a positive attitude and hope for healing.

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The ritual for chemotherapy involves praying over and “charging” the medicines with Divine healing energy. From my own experience, there are some infusion centers and doctor’s offices that will be amenable to allowing you a brief period of time to do this right in the treatment chair. I encountered a situation where the pharmacy would only permit this at the pharmacy window (in the treatment room) because of “liability” concerns. Just ask your nurse or the administrator, and explain that you would like to pray over the medication before receiving the treatment. I can’t see any situation in which this would not be accommodated in some way.

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Rev. Vic Fuhrman
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