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10 Steps to a Greener Diet


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10 Steps to Greening Your Diet

Green Diet

By Curtis Cook

From Intent.com

When did eating become so complicated? How do we sort our way through hundred mile diets and the dilemmas of omnivores? Should I feel terrible for eating California lemons in Canada? Everyone needs to eat but the act has evolved from necessity to complexity. Humans have developed an unhealthy relationship with food. As we struggle to embrace environmentally-responsible lifestyles, that relationship with food becomes even more complex.

It’s enough stress to give anyone heartburn, but here are some simple suggestions to nurture your inner green foodie.

Curtis Cook is the Executive Director of the Clayoquot Biosphere Trust, President of Ecotactix and Founder of the Executive Centre for the Ecology Economy. He is a two-time book author and has written over 100 published articles on the environment, clean technologies, innovation and sustainable business.


30 Days to a Greener You
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