Having a Positive Attitude Can Add Up to 7.5 Years to Your Life

Having a positive attitude can add to your life, a study says.

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What can you do to improve your attitude about aging? Dr. Khatri suggests the following:

– Start early and make changes that will keep you healthy, both mentally and physically.

– Find someone who is having a positive aging experience and learn from them.

– Find meaningful goals and interests that outlive your career so that you are not bored after retirement.

– Develop a sense of purpose — things such as spirituality or volunteer work, or even small things such as reading the newspaper every morning or going for a walk with a friend

– Build a social support network and nourish relationships because these are important as we age

– Take care of your body by exercising and eating well. Exercise is very good for mind, body and mood. Fruits, vegetables and omega-3 help us stay physically and mentally fit.

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