Book of Love and Creation

 The Book of Love and Creation

The following excerpt is taken from The Book of Love and Creation: a Channeled Text by Paul Selig by Paul Selig.

Introduction: The Roof

One night when I was twenty- five years old, I climbed up to the roof of the building where I lived in Chelsea and asked whatever God there was to wake me up.

I had been raised something of an atheist on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, and I had been taught that people who had a spiritual life were perhaps deluded, or ignorant, and not to be taken seriously.

But I had come to a point in my life where the need for something else had become apparent. And so I asked. I can’t say exactly what happened on the roof. I wonder, still, if I didn’t perhaps induce it myself in some way, but I had an experience that left me mute and paralyzed and swaying in an energy that seemed to come from the pit of my being and course through my body and out the top of my head. Shortly thereafter, I began seeing little lights around people, like fireflies.


I began studying a form of energy healing to gain a context for what I was now beginning to experience and found that when I had my hands on people, I began to hear things for them— names, fragments of information, phrases that seemed to emerge from the chatter in my own mind. What I heard made no sense to me, but made perfect sense to the client. In this way, I began to evolve as a clairaudient and later as a conscious channel. My guides, a consortium of beings from a higher level of consciousness, were here to teach.

I convened a small group in my apartment for weekly sessions with my guides and found that the information that came through me as I channeled was accompanied by an energy that was profoundly loving and physically palpable. This went on for many years, quietly, as I continued my life as a playwright and academic.

In 2009, my guides announced, quite unexpectedly, that they had a book to write, and two days later began to dictate the text of I Am the Word, which they described as a treatise on the manifestation of Christ in man. They stated that the book was an energy transmission that worked directly on its readers to bring them into accordance with the frequency of the Word, which they have defined simply as “the energy of God in action.” The dictation took two and a half weeks. They promised that I Am the Word was the first book of three, the mission text, and that other books would follow.

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Paul Selig
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