5 Free and Meaningful Gifts Just for You

You survived Spring Break, taxes and most of allergy season. So congrats! You deserve a break. Get ready to relax and unwind in these free meaningful wishes just for you.

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5. The gift of love. I do it too. I take for granted my generous husband. I see the unwashed dishes and the unfolded laundry and I momentarily forget. I forget about the years of kindness, unconditional love and generosity that builds not just a relationship, but a well-spent life. Sometimes when I’m down, I think about the love. I think about how it is stronger and more powerful than my fear. I think of how often we take it for granted and how often we forget its importance in our lives. And when I remember I sit and revel in it. I feel love the way I feel the sun warming my skin, the way sand feels on my toes, the complete way it makes me feel whole. And that is the best gift I have ever gotten and will ever receive. That my dear friend is what I wish for you…

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Brandi-Ann Uyemura
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