Natural Migraine Relief with Energy Healing


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Ease Your Headaches with Energy Healing

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By Diane Goldner

Migraine headaches are the worst. I know--I had chronic ones most of my life. I tried almost everything in my effort to heal the debilitating episodes of nausea and pain, from pills to meditation. When I discovered energy healing and became a healer myself, I was able to get to the root causes of my migraines and eliminate them once and for all. What I've learned can hopefully help you too.

These Natural Migraine Relief tips--using everything from gentle breathing to meditation to essential oils--can assist you mid-migraine and possibly prevent them. Though they are not a substitute for medical help, they can be a good complement, especially if drugs don't work. All of these are based on energy healing--helping to direct how chi, energy, life-force moves through the body. Physical problems are generally caused by imbalances or stuckness in the flow, so when you re-balance the energy, the body--and mind--can heal.

Read the first tip on how to relieve migraine headaches naturally.

Diane Goldner, author of How People Heal (Hampton Roads), is an energy healer with offices in Los Angeles and NYC. She also works long distance with people all over the country. For more information check out or email Diane at dianegoldner AT

Diane Goldner is an energy healer based in Santa Monica, California. Her book, How People Heal. is available at and her website. For more information and to sign up for a free monthly healing newsletter go to

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