The Feng Shui Path to Healthy Finances

If you apply Feng Shui design tips to your kitchen, new money will 'flow' in.

Are you stressed out about this week’s tax deadline? You are definitely not alone. But as you cull through receipts at your kitchen table--spilling tea on your computer keyboard or tripping over notes to your tax preparer--look around.

The source of your problems might be right in front of you.

Your kitchen.

The kitchen is a vitally important room in your home because it represents the element of fire, which, in turn, fuels the energy force that activates wealth. The old adage “Your health is your wealth” is particularly true in traditional Chinese culture. The kitchen is viewed as a sacred place where the cook is revered and the “kitchen gods” are worshiped.

The kitchen itself is also the most energetically “loaded” room in the house. Like all other rooms, it will pick up the vibration of the energy that surrounds it. However, because it is where we prepare food, we then ingest that energy through the meals we eat. Food will pick up the vibration of where and how it was grown, the store where it was sold, the pantry where it was kept, the kitchen it was prepared in, and the energy of the cook who prepared it. If it picks up the vibration of pesticides, a dirty or chaotic kitchen, or a frustrated, burnt-out or angry cook, it will be spiritually and energetically depleted long before it reaches your table or stomach.


From a Feng Shui perspective, these beliefs emphasize the importance of the food we eat and its impact on the healthy energy, or “chi,” in our bodies, which in turn draws or magnetizes us to the people, places, and things that help us create a happy, prosperous life.

The kitchen is a great metaphor for how we nurture ourselves. The process of cooking, even if done infrequently, needs to become an active meditation ritual—and “eating” should be a spiritual experience, which brings in the powerful life force that fuels every aspect of our being. Change the way you look at cooking and food, and you will change the way you feed yourself emotionally, physically, spiritually, and financially. Allow cooking and food to become an act of nurturing, and not a chore, and you will begin to see your abundance and prosperity grow.

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Nancy SantoPietro
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