Why the Dead Want Our Attention

Real-life psychic Echo Bodine talks about messages from the dead in TV's 'Medium,' the film 'White Noise,' and her own life.

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Psychic abilities and intuition are different. Intuition is like the truth that's being spoken to us. Whereas psychic abilities are visions and hearing spirits communicating to us.

Why do you think people, like the cop character character in the show, tend to consider intuition acceptable but dismiss psychic ability as not credible?

I'd like somebody out there to answer that for me!

In the Bible, it says that God can be found in "the still, small voice within." So the Bible validates intuition, but the Old Testament [also] puts down fortune tellers and anything considered supernatural. So that may be the basis [for that kind of thinking].

But even with intuition, if I say to somebody, "My gut tells me." most people don't take that seriously either. Rational thought is king in our country.


Can anyone tune in to messages from the dead, or just mediums?

It's not easy because we are all used to talking to people that have a physical form and an audible voice-so for people to suddenly go from that kind of communication to the kind of communication with a deceased person is very difficult. That's why it's more likely to come through people like Allison or those of us who have developed that ability.

What are some of the ways you believe the dead communicate with the living? Do they leave signs, communicate through dreams, knock pictures off the wall.


There are different ways our loved ones will try to communicate with us. For example, if we have their picture on the mantle they'll move the picture or try to tip it over. Maybe they'll come into the room and they'll have a scent on them like the smell of Old Spice which reminds you of Grandpa or a bunch of peonies [like] Grandma had in her garden. They will think of a smell that you would associate with them, and they will actually project that smell to us.


They will think, "I really need to communicate with my granddaughter or my daughter or my son and let them know that I'm really doing great and that I'm here visiting them." And they can get very creative.

The one way it's easiest to communicate to us is through dreams.

Why is that easiest?

Because that's actually [how they] communicate to our soul. At night when we're sleeping, our soul will come out of our body and communicate, and our deceased loved ones will come and communicate with our soul. And then it comes through our conscious mind, but we just think it's a dream. But most people will wake up from those kind of experiences and they'll say, "Holy smokes, I just feel like I had a conversation with my grandma!" People will say "That dream felt so real to me" and that

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Interview by Lisa Schneider
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