Reading Ken Wilber

A beginner's guide to his works.

All two dozen of Ken Wilber's books are still in print. So where to begin? Here's a quick guide.

Kosmic Consciousness

This 10 CD set is a popular audio recording of Ken explaining the overall integral model in response to questions from Tami Simon, the founder of Sounds True.

A Theory of Everything: An Integral Vision for Business, Politics, Science, and Spirituality

This book is Wilber's shortest, simplest overview of his work.

The Marriage of Sense and Soul: Integrating Science and Religion

specifically applies the integral approach to bringing together these two traditional enemies. Numerous critics felt it was the best attempt to date to integrate science and religion in a plausible way.


Grace and Grit: Spirituality and Healing in the Life and Death of Treya Killam Wilber

The most personal of Wilber's books, it is the story of his wife's battle with cancer. Publisher's Weekly called it "an incredibly moving love story," and some people claim it is one of those rare books that can change your life.

A Brief History of Everything

Not to be confused with

A Theory of Everything

, this book is a more thorough look at the integral approach, but in an accessible Q & A format. This is probably the most widely read of Wilber's serious books, and is still the best in-depth introduction to the overall model.

Sex, Ecology, Spirituality: The Spirit of Evolution

This 800-page book is Wilber's magnum opus, called by Larry Dossey "one of the most significant books ever published." This one's written for serious students, but everything is still conveyed in Wilber's clear and engaging prose.

One Taste: Daily Reflections on Integral Spirituality

Wilber's journals from one year, a personal glimpse into his inner and outer worlds.

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