John Edward Tunes in to the Afterlife

Why you won't be hearing from Elvis, and other answers from America's top psychic.

John EdwardPsychic medium John Edward hosts the hurgely popular TV show "Crossing Over With John Edward" (SciFi Channel and local stations) in which he gives members of the audience messages from loved ones who have passed on, validated by information only they would know. He spoke to Beliefnet about his connection to the Other Side.

You went to an off-Broadway show in New York City recently and hadan uncanny experience. Please tell me what happened to you.

I went to see "Listen to My Heart: The Songs of David Friedman." Ihave been a fan of his music for years, and I was invited to openingnight because I know one of the producers. My wife was not able toaccompany me because my son was not feeling well, and I had this extraticket. So I gave it to my friend, Natasha, the co-writer of one of my books.

During the first act, there was a songthat was performed titled "You'll Always Be My Baby." Natasha had losther mom, and I clearly thought that this song was going to have aprofound effect on her. This song was about a mother-daughterrelationship, and how a mother helps her child get through good timesand bad times. I thought, Natasha's really going to have a meltdownhere.


As I started to turn my body towards her, I felt like a spiritualhug, or a connection, with my own mother who had passed close to 14years ago. It was clear, and distinct...and I had no doubt that she wasstanding there with me.

Right at the same moment, the singer,Allison Briner, looked directly at me, and delivered the next line, "Intime you were blessed with a child of your own... " My son, Justin, hadjust turned one year old, and to me, it was like my mom was letting meknow she was with me, and acknowledging my son, her grandson.

Was this the first time you felt the presence of your mother in the 14 years since her passing? Did she have a particular message for you?

No, I have felt her before, often, actually. And the message is the same for me as it is for those who seek me out...They [those who have passed] are with us.

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Interview by Wendy Schuman
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